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Weite Technology is the world's leading hard disk manufacturer Western Digital (Western Digital) in China's RMA after sale, as well as responsible for the WD City Express business, WD Western data hard drive partners, the recommended hard disk data recovery center.

  WD Western Digital hard drive in the special technology to open the body after the resumption of data, the manufacturers to continue the warranty, you can directly replace the disk.

  Wright Technology and Western Digital - the world's leading manufacturer of hard disk WD in-depth cooperation, since 2002, WD in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other four cities to provide hard disk after-sales service. December 11, 2006, WD announced that from now on 33 large and medium cities in China on the warranty period of the hard drive launched "WD City Express service ", the move specifically for end users. From now on, all WD drives sold through WD's sales channels in China will be available through the "WD City Express " service platform for service in the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 33 cities across the board opened.