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Server data recovery
Operating system: Windows | Linux | Unix | MAC | IBM-AIX | HP-UX | Solaris | FreeBSD | SCO OPENSERVER and other non-WINDOWS domain data recovery
PC, laptop hard disk data recovery
Hardware failure data recovery:
Circuit board damage, motor damage, head damage, offset, no addressing, disk abnormal sound, hard disk bad sectors, repair hard disk firmware, hard disk decryption
Logical failure data recovery:
File deleted, file decryption, error GHOST, partition delete, partition format, re-zoning format, DOC and EXCEL document repair, Mac data recovery, virus damage data recovery, EFS decryption
Storage media data recovery
You can restore the disk, CD, MP3, CF, SD, XD, MMC, SM, SMC, memory stick, voice recorder, tape, micro hard drive and other storage media damage, accidentally deleted and misuse of data recovery.
Data Recovery Pledge:
1, free testing.
2, data recovery is not successful without charge.
3, in the mirror work on the disk to protect the customer's original disk data.
4, the data free to retain three working days, to avoid accidents happen again.
5, free courier repair (limited to Shenzhen City).
6, free of charge to the customer return to the media (limited to Shenzhen outside the customer).
Business advantage

 Weit e Technology is the world's largest manufacturer of hard disk manufacturers Western data recommended data recov ery agencies, Western Digital security in the Division I data recovery after the opening, the manufacturers to continue to qualify for the warranty. Wei special technology is the world famous Russian professional data recovery tool PC3000 China distributor. Weite Technology has a professional clean laboratory, 100 clean work test bench, to make your data safe, the most complete recovery. Weite Technology has the largest spare stockpile in China, to achieve the most efficient recovery efficiency. Weite Technology has the most professional technical team trained in Russia. Weite Technology to each customer to provide professional, safe and efficient service, we signed with each customer a summer security agreement, power of attorney. Our data recovery types include: secret data recovery, software failure recovery, hardware failure recovery, Raid failure recovery, notebook failure recovery, server failure recovery, memory degaussing, secondary opening, SCSI opening.