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      Usually to clear the computer information, the use of formatting or FDISK and other instructions that will be able to completely clear the information, in fact, with some specialized software, hard disk information will be reproduced again. If you want to abandon the hard drive or warranty hard drive and hard disk contains sensitive information, you must destroy the data, but even if the hard disk smashed, professional data recovery company may also read the hard disk data, so for the abandoned hard disk, how will the Hard disk data removal is a big problem.
      We have a professional and efficient data demagnetization / destruction team, advanced destruction equipment can provide you with a national service, accept the remote reception, the same city processing mode process specifications, degaussing / destruction completed with a degaussing / destruction report, true and reliable complete destruction, The privacy of the customer brand.
      All magnetic storage devices (hard disks, tapes, floppy disks) will be processed using DataGauss or SIMBO degausers.
      SSD destruction will be physically destroyed using Crunch 250 destroyer
      Place the media in the drawer of the degausser and close the drawer ready to proceed. Press the start button to start the demagnetization and take approximately 45 seconds. After the demagnetization is complete, the model and serial number of the recording media are completed. All models and serial numbers Will be recorded in our certificate which we can provide to the customer's site for physical destruction, we use the machine is Crunch250destroyer deal with the destruction of the work is completed, we can arrange our designated partners - resource recycling company for follow-up disposal services The